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NATIF 'Bush Tucker' Pesto

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

NATIF 'Bush Tucker' Pesto


Large bunch of Greens - Parsley, Kale,  Spinach or blanched Native Warrigal Greens

1 Cup Australian Macadamia nuts or almonds, pine nuts

1 teaspoon of NATIF Kakadu Plum powder

5 NATIF Pepperberries

3 NATIF Bush Tomatoes

1 pinch of NATIF Mountain Pepperleaf

2 teaspoons of NATIF Saltbush

1/3 cup EVOIL (Extra Virgin Olive oil) or Native Macadamia Oil


Process nuts NATIF Herbs and Spices and Bush Foods in food processor and grind till just crunchy

Add the Greens and process until finely chopped

Add the NATIF Kakadu Plum Superfood fruit powder into the mix for a burst of Vitamin C

Blend pouring in the Oil and blend further until pasty.

Store in an airtight container in the fridge topped with some extra oil on top to seal from the air.

Enjoy on breads, use as a dip, with avocado, put a dollop onto seafood

Option: Squeeze some NATIF Fingerlimes  onto the pesto for a snap crackle and punch of lime flavour.