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Monday, January 21, 2019

Add AUSTRALIAN NATIVE DESERT LIMES to any seafood dishes.

They'll add a burst of unique native citrus flavour and deliciousness to this dish. 

We made a tuna pasta and added NATIF DESERT LIMES in at the end.  

You can do this with any other seafood dish including spaghetti marinara or prawn dishes.

By adding the DESERT LIMES in at the end, your keeping the nourishing nutrients without over heating them.

This dish is quick and easy and the sauce can be made at the same time as the pasta is cooking to be finished all at the same time.



Pasta (of your choice for the amount of people your serving)

Fresh corn (1/4 cup)

NATIF BUSH TOMATOES (3-5 chopped or whole)

NATIF DESERT LIMES (5-8 sliced in half or whole)

1 can of TUNA 250g (smashed loosly)

Fresh parsley as a garnish (or use NATIF SEA PARSLEY)

1 stick of celery (chopped)

2 fresh tomatoes (smashed)

1/2 onion and 2-3 cloves of garlic

Olive oil



Add pasta to boiling water, cook then strain.  

While the pasta is cooking add onion and garlic to the pan and fry in olive oil for 2-3 minutes.

Add smashed tuna, tomato, celery, corn and bush tomatoes and stir in.

Once combined, add the desert limes in with the pasta and mix in.

Serve and dress with the parsley as a garnish.


Enjoy with family and friends.